Daily 3

Michigan Daily 3 gives players the chance to win up to $500 twice every day, with a Midday draw at 12:59 PM EST and an Evening draw at 7:29 PM EST. Ticket sales close 20 minutes before each draw, and reopen for the next day's draw at 12:41 PM for Midday and 7:10 PM for Evening. Players have the choice of a $0.50 or $1 wager and a variety of bet types to try.

The latest Daily 3 winning numbers are posted on this site just after each draw - visit one of the links below to view recent Midday and Evening results:

Click here for Daily 3 Midday Results

Click here for Daily 3 Evening Results

How to Play

Here's how to start playing MI Daily 3:

Bet Types

The bet type you choose determines how your numbers can match the winning numbers to win a prize, such as matching in exact order, any order, or even being off by one digit.

Straight - Match the numbers drawn in exact order.

Box - Match the numbers drawn in any order. If you choose two of the same numbers (like 112), that is a 3-way box bet with three winning combinations. Choose all unique numbers (like 321) to make a 6-way box bet with six possible winning combinations.

Wheel - Match the numbers drawn in any order. The Wheel option places all the straight bets available for your numbers, so the cost is higher. A 3-way bet ($3) has three potential winning combinations and a 6-way bet ($6) has six winning combos.

2-Way - This bet type has two ways to win: Straight (match the numbers drawn in exact order) or Box (match the numbers drawn in any order). Only a $1 wager is available, which is divided into a $0.50 Straight bet and a $0.50 Box bet. A bet may be 3-way or 6-way depending on how many possible winning combinations there are for your selected numbers.

1-Off - Match the numbers drawn in exact order or if one of your numbers is one digit up or down from the winning numbers.

Prizes and Odds

The table below has all the details on the prizes available for each bet type and the odds of making a winning match. How much you wager - $0.50 or $1 - determines how much you can win.

MI Daily 3 Prizes and Odds
Bet Type Odds Prize ($0.50 Bet) Prize ($1 Bet)
Straight 1 in 1,000 $250 $500
3-Way 1 in 333 $83 $166
6-Way 1 in 167 $41 $83
3-Way $250 $500
6-Way $250 $500
3-Way Straight N/A $333
3-Way Box N/A $83
6-Way Straight N/A $291
6-Way Box N/A $41
Straight 1 in 1,000 $142 $284
1-Off 1 in 167 $18 $36